Saturday, 19 August 2017

#11: Colourful Boundaries

Hey everyone! I really really hope you'll like my latest story! This is a microstory written for a Sweek competition (Sweek is a writing community, like Wattpad), where you have to incorporate the word "book" in your story. 

#11: Colourful Boundaries
Story Description: 
A cat, with snowy, white fur. 

Aha!! Got you! Now what does a cat have got to do with books? :P

A white cat peered out from behind the slightly ajar door. Sorcerer Hokaji was nowhere to be seen. 

The cat pattered towards The Thing.

This is the symbol of freedom? He narrowed his eyes at the thin leaves pressed together, not unlike the pursed lips of uncertainty. The cat kicked it open. He glanced at the sea of black and white.  An abyss of oblivion, more like.

​Sorcerer Hokaji materialised beside the cat. The cat yelped. 

"Ho, Hoka---" he blurted in a messy series of meows.

Did you choose this book for a reason?" the sorcerer asked with a smile. 

The cat furrowed his eyebrows. Reduce his cat food allowance, even take one of his nine lives......  anything, but talk about That Thing.

The sorcerer raised his arms.

The cat peered out at the moonlit snow. It will never be as white as his fur, though. 

His little mistress came bounding out of the kitchen. She set his food bowl down for him. "It's so good you're back! Where have you been?" She plopped down on the floor and grabbed her half-read book from the table. 

Magical, colourful thoughts swirled in the cat's mind. So unlike his fur.

Wish me luck! ;)

Sunday, 6 August 2017

@3: Books Really Look

Poem prompt: There is no friend as loyal as a book.

@3: Books Really Look
There is no friend as loyal as a book,
For as earthquakes shook
And paintings
Fell of the hook,
Only my friend the book
Came to have a look.

This isn't a poem written only to rhyme. It shows how sometimes when all your friends abandon you or betray you, your storybook is the only one that cares.

Thanks for reading ;) 

Monday, 31 July 2017

@2: Horizon

I really hope you will like my 2nd poem! ;)
Poem prompt: Horizon

@2: Horizon
"The horizon
is gone,"
Says Orion.

Says mom.
"For where
boundaries bond
It may be crystal-clear
It may be murkily unsure
But true love
lasts long,
Which is proven by
Horizon's song."

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

@1: In Our Worlds

Hi everyone! Here's a micro poem I wrote on friendship. I usually prefer writing stories, so it's one of my first poems ever :P 

Poem prompt: Micro poem on friendship
@1: In Our Worlds
Tangled arms and legs,
Bizarre hand signs;
For in their world, 
Friendship is:
Crazy shrieking,
Demented laughter.

I don't fancy fakes, 
Nor these kinds;
For in my world, 
Friendship is:
Shoulders touching,
Hearts together.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

#10: Smirks

I hope you like my rather simple story! It's actually based on how I feel.... about some things. I hope you like it! (Even though there's nothing much to like in this one :P But still, I hope you like it and do leave your comments below! I would really appreciate critique even for the simplest and randomest story.)

#10: Smirks
Clara and Tiffany smirk at each other.

Something shifts inside me. I feel feverishly uncomfortable. Fear, anger, frustration and confusion overwhelm me, even though the smirk wasn’t meant for me.

Or is it because it wasn’t meant for me?

Or both?

Georgia, Renny and Christie approach me. They swagger towards me, identical, sarcastic smirks on their ugly faces.

They disappear. I see my two best friends giving each other more smirks. I don’t budge, but my heart itself recoils, like a mimosa plant sensitive to touch.

Georgia and the gang loom above me, wearing that same look on their faces. Renny lifts her pencil box---heavy, made of metal, gleaming in a way that isn’t blindingly bright, but instead looks eerily dark and evil.

They disappear again. The teacher in front of the classroom makes yet another spelling mistake. “Oops,” we hear for the thousandth time.

My best friends, as if planned beforehand, turn to me simultaneously, shooting me wide smirks that I am so phobic of. My best friends, whom I love so much.

I valiantly struggle to still my pounding, cowering heart. I steeled, forcing myself to think clearly, to open up my mind and heart that had been sealed shut for centuries. I feel cold as I allow myself to open up to everything for the first time; as I let myself process everything from the pass until this moment, as I let myself open up to a million possibilities, for the very first time. I feel cold and exposed, but I realize that only by letting the cold in would there be a chance for warmth to one day enter, as well. And it would engulf the cold and take over the domain, I was certain.

Perhaps even smirks wielded different meanings?

I lift my gaze, shedding a coat of dead, dry leaves. I smirk back.

#9: I Have The Dress (Chapter Seven)

#9: I Have The Dress
Chapter Seven: I Have The Dress
The dreaded… no, the highly anticipated day had finally arrived!

Rui Lee broke out into a cold sweat. She shuffled her feet and fidgeted nervously with her fingers. Then she gingerly set the plastic bag with her folded dress in it on a table, hurrying to the toilet for the zillionth time. Footsteps thumped and microphones boomed where the other classes were performing frontstage. Her heart raced like a UFO travelling by time warp, as she thought yet again why in the world did they have to be the last class to perform.

As she came out of the toilet, she saw Aliya admiring her dress. Her thoughts returned to the day Kimberly gushed at her dress, her burst of anger on impulse, her recoil from the itchy, frilly laces. She thought about her silly attempts at becoming a princess, like her mother had seemed to so badly want, but which Rui Lee turned out to have misunderstood. As Aliya held the dress up high, its iridescent sequins glinting in the backstage’s dim light, she pondered on how she had fulfilled everything Snow White was: kind towards animals---yes, she had loved the little sparrow from the bottom of her heart; being who she was, by having animal friends instead of human friends, living alone, never mind whoever thought her weird behind her back---yes, in Rui Lee’s case it was finding herself in creating a whole new world with words, despite her friends’ isolation. But there was something, something more that Snow White had in that book, something Rui Lee had left out…

Rui Lee wiped her wet hands on her school pinafore. She’d need to change into her dress soon. Her eyes were all wavery and nervous as she glanced briefly at Aliya. Aliya gave her a warm smile, which subdued her jumpy anxieties just a teeny bit.

“Your dress,” said Aliya. “It’s really sweet.”

Immediately, Rui Lee readied herself to fire back at Aliya, spit some ugly curses on that thing. Despite everything, Rui Lee wasn’t ready to give in to frilly yellow gowns yet. However, unlike Kimberly, Aliya didn’t go all overboard in praising the ‘undefinable beauty’ of the dress. Rui Lee instantly took a liking towards Aliya’s natural calm, her ability to express her feelings while being aware of the limits.

“Yuck, yuck, yuck. Hate that thing.” Rui Lee finally still mumbled. She wasn’t ready to throw away her reputation. She wasn’t going to do anything that would make Aliya even think twice about her detestation for dresses. Aliya laughed, cheerfully and freely.

Leaning against the table, Rui Lee and Aliya listened in silence for a while.

“…could feel the pea under all those mattresses. The prince rejoiced, because he had finally found his true princess.”

Rui Lee smiled. She knew better what a real princess was.

“Would you like me to touch up your makeup?” Aliya asked.

Disgusting graffiti, Rui Lee thought. Out loud she said, “Yes, please. That would be perfect.” She held her nose up high and narrowed her eyes as she said this. Then it dawned on her. Although she didn’t and definitely wouldn’t admit it, she knew deep inside that this was her mud. Her faults. That was what she had left out. Ever the reputation upholder and haughty queen, if only to cover her insecurities.

That was okay. To be perfect, you had to have flaws.

\Aliya didn’t mind Rui Lee’s show off tone one bit. True princesses aside, every school play princess needs to put on some airs. Princess Red Leaves surely was a natural. Aliya giggled again, and took out her mother’s brushes and face powders that they could only bring on this very special day, so very excited to be Rui Lee’s make up girl. If Rui Lee was the high-and-mighty princess, Aliya was the sophisticated and bubbly one.

As Aliya gently combed Rui Lee’s hair now, Rui Lee’s thoughts had already flown elsewhere. Perhaps she could really have a human friend, after all. Two princesses. Two friends.

“Done.” Aliya grinned widely, looking at Rui Lee’s perfect face. You look gorgeous! Now, it’s time for you to change into your fancy dress.” Aliya teased.

“Uggghh! Tell me again, Aliya, why I have to do this.” Rui Lee waved her hands around in mock infuriation.

“Because you’re a natural,” Aliya laughed, “And because you have the dress.”

In the washroom, Rui Lee looked at herself in the washroom mirror. She had to say that Aliya had done quite a good job with the disgusting graffiti. Finally, Rui Lee saw the world of things that define a true princess. She hadn’t put on the dress yet, but she knew she was already wearing it. With good values and yet with faults. That defines a princess, and yet still defines you.

I have the dress.

Yes, I do. 

~The End~
 I really, really hope you enjoyed my story! This is my longest attempt at a story yet. Please leave your comments on my story. Any form of critique on any aspect of my writing is very highly appreciated! Thank you.

Monday, 17 July 2017

#9: I Have The Dress (Chapter Six)

#9: I Have The Dress
Chapter Six: Finding yourself
The fowl danced and swirled around Rui Lee. Rui Lee sat doing her homework, completely undistracted. It had been three weeks since this bird seemed to have self-taken refuge in her home, and she had gotten used to it flapping its wings and dropping feathers all over the place in her room. Nothing it did, except if it pooped on her bed or her hair, could distract her anymore.

Today, there was something different about the little sparrow. As she scribbled in her workbooks diligently, never did it once cross her mind that the bird was trying to get her attention. At least, not until it made yet another halo around Rui Lee’s head, swooped down, and landed with a plop right before her on her English workbook, almost scaring her out of her wits.

And because she was kind of forced to, she looked into the little bird’s eyes. Being the sharp girl she is, she didn’t just see two beady eyes of a fowl. She saw in them overflowing wonder and curiosity. The sparrow cocked its tiny head and looked back at Rui Lee, highlighting that further. Inexplicable thoughts of magic swirled in her head.

Eye contact helps a lot in relationships between humans, she remembered her mom saying. Rui Lee had never believed in that, but now it was proven to be true. Even with animals.

The sparrow opened its mouth and let out a tiny “tweet!”

Only then did she realise this bird had never made a sound since they first met. Every time Rui Lee sat doing her homework, the bird made soundless patrol rounds in the room, without a single tweet-a-tweet-tweet that typical bird mouths would produce. Only then did it occur to her that the fowl had stuck with her, whilst the dog had left. Only then did it dawn on her that the sparrow never held grudges against her, while she went on ignoring it. And only then did she allow herself to accept the fact that eye contact truly wielded power, a power so strong that could transform this little sparrow before her from a pesky creature into a friend.

Then Rui Lee marvelled at how a meer ‘tweet!’ could tell her all these.

“Let’s… um, go out, shall we?” said Rui Lee to her new friend.

The sparrow chirped its yes.

She held out a hand for the sparrow to hop on. It flew up and landed on her shoulder. It need not be invited, Rui Lee thought amusedly. She had forgotten that it had already been following her for a few weeks.

The days afterward were a lot of fun for Rui Lee. Everywhere she went, the sparrow flew beside her, watching her learn and play. Except in school, which the creature seemed to somehow understand it was forbidden ground. Every day, the sparrow would wait at the school gates, and every day Rui Lee would come out of the school compounds, delighted to see it. The little bird’s presence made Rui Lee really happy, and each day her entire body seemed to shine brighter and brighter, radiating more and more happiness. Rui Lee was unfortunate in a way that she had never had a true human friend. Bizarre as it was, perhaps this is the way she would learn what friendship was.

Of course, Rui Lee knew all these weren’t magic. However, she’d learned to believe that human-created wonders and miracles did exist, real life magic that didn’t involve dark potions, fairy dust or magic wands…although the unorthodox incidents that involved the sparrow a few weeks ago didn’t seem at all ‘human-created’. Then she thought to herself:

I want to have magic powers, too.

With her growing curiosity and pulsing desire to further understand her unique new friend, she penned down all the mystifying things that happened with the sparrow. She expected no answers from her notebook, of course, but she just felt like she should jot it down. It was as bizarre to her as the few weeks with the little bird, the feeling of release when she let out all her questions onto paper, even knowing they may never be answered; the feeling that when they were let out and only if  they were let out, someday she may even be able to answer her own questions. With her observance came her detailed descriptions, with her impulsiveness came her abundance of creative ideas, with her fertile imagination came her vivid narrations, with her intuitiveness came her spilling buckets of passion that she poured out from within herself, and with her friends’ isolation came her concentration and undying devotion towards her wonderful new pen-busying hobby. Most of all, she felt really happy, an undefinable happiness radiating from deep within her. Never did it feel better to hold a pen, to scribble on blank pieces of paper. 

“Sparrow,” said Rui Lee.

Her mom knew it wasn’t nice to eavesdrop, but she couldn’t help pausing in front of her daughter’s room. The door was slightly ajar. Rui Lee’s milky-white table light spilled out into the doorway.

“This is my new creation,” Rui Lee’s voice said. “Be honoured, birdie. You’re the first one to witness the launching of my new story.” Her mother smiled. Some things just won’t change, take her daughter’s queen-like aura for example. “And it’s about you! Lookie here, birdie.” There was a sound of papers ruffling.

Her mother imagined Rui Lee shoving the papers in front of the bird’s face, and laughing to herself, she walked away to do the laundry.

Rui Lee decided that she wanted her story to be noticed. After a long time of browsing the Internet, however, she did not manage to find any writing competitions that she was eligible for. She was either too young, or did not reside in an eligible country. Just when she was going to mess up her hair in frustration, she found a website that published all stories submitted in an anthology. She bravely contacted the website manager through email, and submitted her lovely story. The money made from the sold anthologies would be donated to a charity that supported the treatment of epileptic children. I don’t have to participate in a contest, she thought. It would be nice to write for charity too.

The email came several months later saying that the anthology was successfully published with her story in it. Rui Lee was so happy she jumped for joy! Although the website had claimed that publications were guaranteed in the first place, but because it was for a good purpose, she did not mind the fact that perhaps her story deserved more. And the feeling of being published and helping others’ was really great! What a lot of things she could do just by using her creativity and imagination.

Let your imagination go wild, let your mind be set free. She made her mother proud. Now she would be her father’s pride. 

The End.........?