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Friday, 3 November 2017

SHORT STORY #27: Best Friends At Heart

Best friends can be bonded by conversation, 
but also be linked by heart.
Although, frankly, by heart's a complication, 
And chatting is always the start.

My younger brother and I came up with these six random words, with which we have tried to come up with a story incorporating all of them. My brother came up with the playful sounding beginning, which inspired me to write the rest. I hope this cliche but cute story of friendship between animals will inspire you! :D

The Six Words:
Rooster, Fan, Dog, Clothes, Hungry, Funny

This story was coincidentally finished on my friend Pruinille's birthday, so I would like to present this to her as a birthday present.
I put this up on the class notice board on your birthday in March, and took it down about a week before our major exam in October. You never bothered to read it... I remember how you were too busy talking to someone else. It hurt a little, but that's okay, I understand "writing" isn't everyone's interest. I just thought you could come take a look at something that makes me truly happy. But if you really don't want to, that's alright. It's okay. 
Happy birthday! Never stop being your pretty, funny and always-laughing self. :)

And, don't forget to see beauty in life and in the world. 

#27: Best Friends At Heart
Rooster said hi to his best friend Dog's Clothes. The dog watched this in silent jealousy. He wanted to have a chat with Rooster, but due to his sore throat, he couldn't really speak properly. So when the Rooster said hi to the dog's clothes, the dog was not happy. Suddenly, the fan blew at the dog's clothes. Dog's Clothes flew away. The dog was glad because he wouldn't need to be jealous of Dog's Clothes anymore. Unfortunately to the dog's dismay and to the rooster's delight, Dog's Clothes came floating down, a second after their far-too-momentary excitement and grief.

"Yay!" said Rooster.
"Ugh," said Dog.
"You're back!" cried Rooster!
"Get lost!" yelled Dog (despite his terrible sore throat).

After a moment of awkward silence, the dog growled, his hoarse voice crackling: "Get lost now. I don't need you hogging my friendship with Rooster."

"Oh... I'm sorry that I made you feel so, Dog. I did not mean it. You can always be friends with Rooster too, right, Rooster?" said Dog's Clothes.

"Right," said the rooster.

However, Dog knew the rooster was inclined towards Dog's Clothes, as they were the best of friends. The dog glared at them. But deep down, he felt hurt, a strong pang of jealousy hitting his hard in the chest.

"I don't need you."

Later, near a bunch of trash cans in a dark alley, the dog was seen rummaging among the trash cans for food. "No food... need food... where's food......"

Dog started to feel cold. He wedged himself  between two rubbish bins and shivered. The steely, metallic surface of the trash cans against his body sent chills down his spine.

"If only I had something to keep me warm," thought the dog. "A warm fire, some warm food, or, or......"

Dog was suddenly reminded of Dog's Clothes. He started to miss him. He didn't want to admit it, but he wished he could see him again. He regretted walking out on Dog's Clothes.

"Dog! Dog! Where are you?"

It was Rooster. He soon appeared, red feathers strikingly noticeable. "Dog's Clothes and I have been searching for you for hours," said Rooster. "We've found you at last! Dog's Clothes!"

Dog's Clothes came hurrying towards Dog. "We've finally found you!" he exclaimed. "We've been looking high and low for you...... what are you doing here? Let's go home. Come on, put me on, I've been flopping around and looking horribly shapeless all afternoon. Isn't that so, Rooster?" He laughed. "You should have seen my sloppy look. I looked so awfully ridiculous......"

And Dog's Clothes went on and on and on. For the first time ever, Dog didn't mind Dog's Clothes' excited chatter. Instead, in only five hours, he had already started to miss it. He smiled at Dog's Clothes, his funny bosom buddy, and with his stumpy paws scrambled into him. They talked and talked. For a moment, both of them completely forgot about Rooster. He stood by them - their calm, quiet, content and ever-caring friend. Although he did not appear much in this story, Rooster knew and saw a lot more than anyone would imagine he did. Watching his friends, he beamed.

"Ah! Finally, I don't have to slop around shapelessly," grinned Dog's Clothes.

"Ah! Finally, I don't have to seek warmth in the midst of trash cans," cheered Dog.

And Rooster thought: Ah, the three of us, always happy together.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 13 March 2017. 

Thursday, 2 November 2017

MICRO POEM @7: You Don't See

I wrote this micro poem as a reminder to all of us that we should always be tactful towards others. Don't forget to look closer and seek to understand!

@7: You Don't See
Friendships are merely fairy tales,
For so often for me they fail.
Today, fellow classmate, 
Controlled by me shall be your fate -
Pardon me, for my tear-filled hate.
Deserved punishment you shall have,
You shall taste my broken soul,
To finally put you in the know.
Do you know how it feels to have
Nothing left?

Thanks a ton
For the hurt you've done to me.
You don't know, for you don't see.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 24 October 2017.

SHORT STORY #26: The Cure

This, very surprisingly, is one of the most original stories I have ever written. I wanted to write this story for my friend's birthday, which was two days ago on 31 October 2017, and this was what I came up with! Guess spontaneous stories have great potential too sometimes!

I wish a happy birthday to my friend Radea! I hope you will like the story I wrote for your birthday. I tried my best to write a story that fits your cheerful personality. Never stop being your full-of-energy, healthy and funny self. If we get a chance, let's go to that book fair together, hahaha!

Although this was originally written for Radea, I would also like to present this to Saffire, whose birthday was yesterday on 1 November. Stay happy, always :)

#26: The Cure

Six octopuses swam hesitantly towards the peculiar plastic bag. It was bright pink. Black spots flicker weakly; not upon its frail surface, but not exactly hovering around it either. Sort of like an illusion... in a soapy bubble.

Their leader, Jackudo, stuck one tentacle into the floating mass and touched a black spot. Immediately, poison shot so rapidly from the tip of his tentacle throughout his body that he was thrown two metres behind.

He was dead.

The five other octopuses recoiled in shock. No one rushed to their beloved leader's side. They were much too busy staring at The Deadly Plastic Bag to do so. 

A curious octopus reached for the plastic bag. 

"Don't be a fool!" the others shout - but too late, though. The Fool's tentacles came into contact with the smooth, silky surface of the plastic bag. 

And then something unbelievable happened. A beautiful, evergreen wreath grew magically around his head.


"Awesome!" said another. He stuck two tentacles into the bubble of illusion, avoiding the black spots like The Fool did. A wreath of pretty, multicoloured flowers instantly dotted his wrinkly head. 

"This is a special plastic bag," concluded Wise One. "The poison in the plastic has been focused very hard on a few points, causing the rest of the plastic bag to be pristine. But why invent such a bag?"

"It's a test," said Clever One.

Everyone followed his gaze to the colossal shadow hovering about them - a humongous ship. 

"A test," confirmed another. 

"So poison and purity will counter-act upon each other and become neutral!" Rash One exclaimed. He snatched it and swallowed it down in a single gulp. The others screamed in horror.

Nothing happened.

"Wow, awesome!" cried Rash One. 

Atop the ship, some water pollution researchers give each other high fives.

"From now on," announced their leader, holding up a test tube of yellow liquid, "there will never be such a thing as pollution again. We have found The Cure." 

Copyright Rachel Tan, 2 November 2017.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

POEM @6: Rhyming I Hates

After I wrote this poem, I realized I'm not so great at writing stories, but I'm an expert in rhyming... oh well, not something I'm that proud off, hahaha!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this really witty poem I wrote!

POEM @6: Rhyming I Hates
There's a thousand things I hate in this world, 
For they never-endingly unfurl.
Pardon me, for my little rant, 
Life messed with my hair, it's a little unkempt.

I hate confinements,
Never crossing the boundary line;
I hate dilemmas,
You'd better choose in time.
I hate disasters,
Like a cat who's lost Life Nine;
I hate complications,
Simplicity works just fine. 

I hate sarcasm, 
Backhanded praises and wine;
I hate smiles,
Sincerity they never define;
I hate secrets, 
For they are never mine.

I hate being blamed,
Are you blind?
I hate white lies,
They're greasy as slime.
I hate betrayal 
What about the contract you've signed?
I hate being left out,
Forever thrown behind.

I hate uncertainty,
The friendship I cannot find;
I hate theft,
You've stolen her, the worst crime.

I hate fake friend, 
Let's kill you and make you a shrine;
I hate best friends,
I love you, but you're still a bind.
I hate humans, 
Cruel, evil and unkind; 
I hate myself,
I will never shine. 

I hate feeling lonely, 
I hate the weird looks; 
I hate peer pressure, 
And your disgusted pukes.

But wait a minute,
Wait a minute, 
Give me some time;
If I hate all conditions
that aren't prime,
Will my life not even 
cost a dime?

Copyright Rachel Tan, 26 Oct 2017.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Moana: "Know Who You Are"

For once since I started this blog, I'd like to stray slightly away from writing just a moment :P. After all, writing is something really vast! There's nothing you can say hasn't got to do with writing, because to me, writing is only our world expressed in words.

In short, writing is everything in the universe.

This is my favourite part of the Disney movie, Moana. In this 2 minute video, Maui, who stole the nature goddess Te Fiti's heart, jumps around and shows off his awesome "Kung-fu" moves before Her-In-Rage. On the surface, he is unafraid, despite his miniature size compared to Her and the fact that he himself was the heart thief. This perhaps displays his courage, his determination to keep Moana safe, or.... possibly his ridiculous innocence!

Then Moana, who loves the ocean with her entire heart, comes in. Standing atop a hill, she lifts the emerald heart up high, it's blinding glare and shimmering sounds diverting Her attention from Maui who was nearly going to be scorched by Her flames. Maui glances in her direction -- he seems more worried for Moana's safety than relieved of the retrieval of his own. Moana walks down the hill slowly, and tells the ocean to "let Her come to me". The water before her paves a straight path from the foot of the hill all the way to Te Fiti's mountain.

Te Fiti, who has - quite literally - been turned into a heartless monster (Te Ka) since her heart was stolen, looks in Moana's direction. Her flaming eyes flare with recognition - that was Her heart Moana was holding! She scrunches her face up in sheer frustration - and disgust, then it all burns away into pure fury. She rises to her full height, emitting a horrible shriek that wavers between electricity crackling, an old lady screaming and a crow cawing, then pounces back down and advances on all flaming fours toward Moana, ominous black smoke trailing behind her. Just like Maui, Moana must be afraid inside, but on the surface she is unfazed... she is sad, even, that Te Fiti has forgotten who She is. I think Moana is a bit hesitant inside, but she pushes herself forward and does what she knows she must.

Te Ka continues to furiously claw her way toward Moana, her flaming hands sending sand and dust flying everywhere. Here, Moana sings the line "I know your name". I love Disney because the characters always use singing to convey what they are feeling. It's like saying, it's alright if You have forgotten who You are. I still care about You, I remember who You are, and I can remind You.

Moana walks up a large rock that used to be underwater. She continues singing a few lines -

They may have stolen the heart from inside You, 
But this does not define You, 

Te Ka rises before Moana on her rock. Searing hot smoke billows pass Moana.

This is not who You are, 

The Te Fiti in Te Ka is shown when Moana sings this line. All monster emotions fall away - Te Ka's fiery red body fades into black.

You know who You are. 

I really like this part. I think this goes far beyond the boundaries of human perception. It teaches us a really important lesson that many of us may not realize. Although Te Fiti's physical heart has been taken away from her, she should not in fact be truly "heartless". We all have souls that serve as anchors - and nothing - not even our hearts - can be truly deprived from us. Nothing and no one can take our hearts from us - except ourselves. We are always the ones who throw our own hearts away. And definitely not through surgery!

Te Ka bends her head down. Moana steps toward Te Ka, touches her forehead and whispers "who you truly are". Te Ka's eyelids close. Moana returns the emerald heart to Te Ka's chest. Te Ka transforms back into Te Fiti. Her body is a really beautiful and lush green that I can imagine smells of green hills and trees and grass. Her head wreath, made of flowers in every colour of the rainbow, radiates undefinable beauty and the vivacious life of nature. Te Fiti sits on a barren mountain and gets ready to touch it and bestow green life back to Earth.

The main reason why I love this part of the movie is because of the song that Moana sings, "Know Who You Are". It reminds us that we must never forget who we are, never forget our own identity, because that is what makes us special.

And never, ever give up on ourselves - by throwing away our own hearts.

My Response To Three Intriguing Photo Prompts

Here are my responses to three intriguing and thought-provoking photo prompts. I'm sure you'll like these! :)

Write a sentence based on this photo:
A sundial compass, a deadly Shuriken and some tempting coins lay scattered on the map to three places: Time, Life and Wealth--- it's time to make the dreaded choice.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 27 Sept 2017. 

Photo prompt:
Image may contain: one or more people
As her bow is pulled back, she freezes to stone. But the sky mercifully leaves shimmering gold-and-silver adornments as a consolation and as a memory. And she now has the power of a cobra..... this statue can still slither, only into people's minds.
Perhaps the adornments are neither a consolation nor a symbol of reminiscence. She IS still alive, after all.

Could they be crystals of power?

Copyright Rachel Tan, 7th Sept 2017.

Photo prompt:
No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

Each box was a portrait of a different character. One adorned with intricate patterns, but different on each side. One a complete mess, with no rhythm or sequence to it, like a garbage bin. And one completely monotone, with a sullen exterior but a mysterious, undiscovered secret within.
But overall, all three were undecipherable. Only in different ways.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 8th September 2017. 

Sunday, 22 October 2017

"Three Dreams" Turned Upside Down - Literally!

Here's my silly attempt at "Opposite Writing"! 😂

She slams the violin against the wall, bang, bang, clanggg!!
"I don't want to be a violinist. I don't want to be a violinist. I don't want to be a violinist."
And she will go to sleep tonight dreaming of herself performing in a garage full of broken violins, under the flashlight, standing on a deflated tyre, and one day, she would wake up for it to have come true.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 25 Sept 2017.

The real, much nicer version of my micro story:
MICRO STORY #16: Three Dreams